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I called to the two universities in Kansas City. The admissions rep when I enrolled into Brown Mackie (who of course no longer works there) assured me up and down, to hell and high water, that BM credits transfer.

One does not accept Brown Mackie credits at all.

The other accepts some credit transfers, but most of them at HALF credit. (Between 2-2.6 credit hours is what this college registers them at). For the Criminal Justice Field, they accept nothing beyond Gen Ed classes.

I have to start all over again. I would have had to even if I had decided to "wait and see."

NOW I'm pissed.
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Brown Mackie was not the worst mistake in my life.

But it's up there.

Daha, thank you for those articles. I keep reading. It just gets more and more disheartening as I go along. I knew for-profit colleges weren't quite up to par and I knew that Brown Mackie had its problem, but I didn't know these things.Things like:

" EDMC (Brown Mackie's parent company) counted graduates as placed in relevant jobs if they worked for a single day, and if they worked a job that was completely disconnected from the student’s field of study."

and "EDMC claims other students were placed in jobs related to their degrees, such as a fashion marketing graduate, an accounting major and a business graduate. He says the EDMC data he provided show the fashion marketing student was actually selling shoes at a Converse outlet store, while the accounting graduate was working at McDonald's as a cashier."

And the most disheartening...my campus has, according to College Navigator, a 32% graduation rate. A 32% graduation rate from 2007 to date. In the last year, only 20 people have earned an Associate's in my field of study from my campus.

And I hope I'm reading the site wrong, but it also looks like my program - Criminal Justice - is not accredited.


I didn't Google. I didn't pay attention. I didn't take a half hour out of my day to do some research when I saw the Brown Mackie building on my way home from work one day.

I could kick myself. Kick myself wearing steel-toed boots. Steel-toed stilettos. Anything that would make me go "OW!" and pay attention.

I'll not go back to Brown Mackie, sunken costs or not. And I'm not sure if my credits are transferable, though I will call the local (regular) universities and ask.

I knew that the school was providing frighteningly sub par education when I saw students who wrote like this " The boys later was said was pyscopaths. I dont think they was i feel that they was being bullied for a long period of time," continuing to receive passing grades.

I knew the school was providing frighteningly sub par education when one of my teachers literally read the test out loud, word for word, complete with the answers, as a "review" immediately before we took the test.

I knew the school was providing frighteningly sub par education when we found ourselves on the FOURTH dean in TWO YEARS.

But I kept holding out. I kept holding out for that amazing job placement. 97%, they said. Surely I could hold out and restrain myself from stabbing my illiterate classmates and just get through this. I could get A's. I got mostly A's. My teachers continually praised my writing skills, even as I knew it wasn't so much that I was good as that the average Brown Mackie student was bad. But I thought "just hold out. Just keep on going. We're almost done."

What I really wound up holding out for was 30,000+ plus for a school that was not anything it promised to be.

I will be looking at legal resources, Daha. I'm not sure what I would level at Brown Mackie that would be legally binding, outside of the school forgetting a class and then essentially forcing me to either double time it or pay for it.

But it looks like I'm not alone in all this.
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I'm dropping out of school.

I'm dropping out school because, thanks to the college forgetting to schedule a class, my graduation date (which has been moved three times) won't actually cover one of my classes.

I should mention, it turns out Brown Mackie's sort of famous for this bullshit. Nice way to goad your students out of more money, shitheels.

To take that one class I have two options: Do the internship, the class, and work. With drive time, that's 72 hours a week. That leaves me 13 hours of free time a week....

at 1.8 hours a day. To sleep. To shower. To eat.

The second option is to just pay for the class at a comfortable, easily afforded price tag of 700 dollars.

*ahem* Comfortable and easily afforded by whom?

I do not qualify for a loan to cover that last 700 dollars. I do not have anyone who can pay that last 700 dollars. Even when I'm working, I will not have enough money to save up for 700 dollars. So, as of learning this today, I cannot complete the program. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

If I cannot complete the course, I need to drop and focus on work. I refuse to spend the next 3 months struggling through work and school (and having both suffer as a result) for a degree I cannot achieve. Like, literally, the college WILL NOT GIVE IT TO ME.

The opportunity for full time jobs will triple once I am able to mark "full time availability" on the job application. If I cannot finish school, I can damn well make this an opportunity to get a good job.

So, there's all that. And then there's this:

Pat and Jesse are both insisting that I "wait to see how this goes" and "you've worked so hard" and yadda yadda yadda. All this "don't give up on your dreams" bullshit.

You know what is better than following your dreams? A steady paycheck that will actually cover your bills. You know what's better than following your dreams?

Acting like a goddamn adult and making decisions based on current information, NOT "you should wait and see!" Current, concrete information, of which this whole inability to raise 700 out of my ass actually IS.

This isn't me giving up on my dreams. This is a goddamn numbers game. This is me having worked out hours, take home pay, drive time, budgets, bills, etc over the sheer and flimsy possibility of stumbling onto 700 dollars.

That's an entire month's worth of rent. If I'm going to be finding any pots of gold, it's going to rent, because I'm not about to be homeless, even if I had an Associates Degree.

I'm poor. I am goddamn poor and do not have the ability to "see what happens." I don't have a savings account. I don't have a 401 K or a mattress stuffed with money to soak up any mistakes. Every single move I make is made with money in mind, because I can't fucking afford to not do so.

This is a money move. And I'm not sorry for it. I do not understand why they are so focused on me achieving that dream when it is concrete and fucking clear that it won't happen.

I've got something better than a dream.

It's called getting a fucking paycheck.


Feb. 24th, 2015 06:21 am
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English peoples, I has questions about APA formatting:

1) If I only have one source and NO direct quotations in the paper and NO author for that source, do I need in text citations?

2) For that single source, I did put my citation at the end of the paper, but got dinged for not having a reference page. What does this mean and how is a reference page different from a end paper citation?

3) Is there someplace that answers these questions where I can quote to the teacher if these answers are in the negative? Purdue Owl is being annoying.

I am also sincerely annoyed as he said we did not need abstracts, as this was a short paper (3 pages) but then dinged me for not having an abstract. I am debating whether or not it is even worth bringing it up to him, as he obviously does not remember the conversation.
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Because I am bored, I filled out my student profile.


A lover, a lark, a known layabout with a penchant for blatant and idle blather, Teressa has somehow slipped under the radar and managed to pass herself off as a real adult. While she is both shocked and dismayed by this fact, it seems she might find a home in this meandering world of academics. Amongst her shameless shenanigans and atrocious love of alliteration, she intends to shape herself into the very model of a modern mental health mentor.

Languages Spoken

English, Bad English, Ye Olde English, and Pig Latin

Academic Achievements

Achieved Phi Theta Kappa GPA. Teacher nominated for Student Ambassador

Job Interests

Tasks that require strong organizational skills, communications that span into the written word, and the ability to use compassion as a form of direct relations for my clients.

Professional Achievements

While the world of entry level work provides little in the way of spectacular achievements, during the course of my hotel housekeeping career, I'd risen to the level of manager (Head Housekeeper) and been the sole employee cross-trained in all related Housekeeping departments.


Reading, especially of the science fiction and fantasy realm. Writing. Vacuuming the copious amounts of hair my three cats leave on the couch.


Bravery and bravado, obscurity and absolution, sunny days, the mental health field, politics, reading and redemption, academics, honing my kung-fu typing skills, the wish to battle merciless evil, to take arms upon the hordes of the undead.

And this is my profile picture:

I dun even cuurrr.
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THE QUESTION: The Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal." Yet the United States Constitution of 1787 allowed the Southern states to continue slavery. Some of the Northern delegates wanted to give Congress the power to ban slavery in the new Union, but in the end, a compromise was struck. If you had been a Northern delegate, at the Constitutional convention, would you have taken a stronger stand on slavery? If yes, what arguments might you have made to the convention to support your position? Consider that your audience would have been the pro-slavery Southern delegates. If no, what arguments would you have made to yourself to justify compromising on the slavery issue? Keep in mind that you would have to live with your conscience afterwards.

"For this discussion its kida hard to put myself in the position to know how my opinion in that time in America if my views might have been changed or influeneced. But in the interest of answering i will go with my current views. Its pretty simple, the arguement that i would pose is that fact that we are trying to establish an independent nation governed by ourselves and not under the control of any other man, women, or power in place. How can you argue that your land is yours and anything you produce is yours and yopu shouldn't have to pay anyone to live and do for yourself and with that in mind hoiw can you own and control a human being and use then for your benefit without proper care and compensation. All me are created equal does naot mean all men that are white and land owners or wealthy, and the fact is those people didn't create anything and it was the blood,sweat and tears of the underrepresented and underprivilaged that made us and they deserve the respect and treatment as such. Your slaves give you life, give them the same respect as you would your mother."


"If I was a Northern delegate, I would have a stronger stand against slavery. My reasons are, well one thing slaves are human also. What if it was the other way around? Would you really want to be beaten for no reason, be straved, and or die of a sickness, also be sperated from your family and having no idea where they are at. People shouldn't have to go through pain and suffering."

The critical thinking skills are strong with this one. And by "critical thinking skills" I mean "What, did you just dig out your 6th grade report on the Civil War?"

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Specifically, graduation.

It's not unusual to be scared of having to pay your school loans. At least I'm not alone in that. I wouldn't worry so much about it, except that my father has cosigned for most of my private loans over the last five years.

As much strife as we have between us, I just can't bring myself to wreck his credit. So I must either pay (and I can't even imagine what the payments will be) or delay it.

I'll be delaying it by staying in school and working on my Bachelors. And that is what is scaring me.

My father won't be cosigning anymore loans after this, which is fair enough. I can't fault him for that. I'll have to work through school to pay my rent and bills. I'll also have to go to school in order to qualify for delayed loan payments.

In other words, I'll be pulling 50 to 60 hour workweeks. Again. For at least two years, possibly more.

And that scares the hell out of me. See, I already did that. I spent almost 3 years working 7 hours a day, 7 days a week between school and work. It goddamn nearly destroyed me. Both school and work suffered greatly as a result. I was insane, beyond exhausted, and my mental health deteriorated so profoundly that I was experiencing severe bi-polar symptoms 80% of the time.

I don't want to do that again. Since I've been able to just focus on school, my mental health has vastly improved. For the first time in so many years, I've had a real shot at being healthy.

I don't want to give that up.

And yes, I know people do this all the time. I know people work two jobs all the time, or finish school working 60 hours a week and doing all this stuff plus raising babies and show Herculean acts of endurance and strength.

I don't think I'm that strong. I don't WANT to be that strong. I'm not 20 anymore and honestly, even now I'm still crazy as fuck. I don't want to make it worse. I REMEMBER how awful it was before. I put my hand flat on that hot stove before and I want to KEEP MY HAND OFF IT now.

I also don't see any other way out.

And I'm really, really scared about it.
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Is this true or is this blatant racism? From my textbook:

"Home invaders are typically young Asian gang members who travel across the country robbing Asian families, especially Asian business owners."

Where would I go to check the statistics on that? The book offers no citation on it. I'm googling but without much luck.

EDIT: On a hunch, I googled the authors, one of which turned up an active duty cop by the name of Sergeant Henry Lim Cho.

The racial connection caught my eye and I'm wondering, if the statistic isn't true, and IF that information came from his contribution to the textbook, if he was merely pulling from anecdotal evidence?

Y'know, instead of doing nation wide research like a scholarly author should?

I'mma keep googling. Maybe the stat is right. I'd love to know. All else fails, I'm sure I could contact him to ask for his sources.
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Dear teacher,

If class starts at 8:45 AM, then please be here by 8:45 AM. Conversely, if you are not here at the scheduled time, please stop docking me attendance points for having to leave class early due to transportation issues.


A student who notices what time you walk in the door, let alone what time you actually start class
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Quote from our science textbook:

"When we hear of unexplainable cures in people diagnosed with terminal illness but who refused to accept the diagnosis and recovered, the hypothalamus may have been involved in this mind controlling the body phenomenon."

Get your motherfucking metaphysics OUT OF MY MOTHERFUCKING SCIENCE TEXTBOOK.

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1) Turns out the teacher can't readjust the exams. Well, I'm sure she could, but she is bound by school policy to some point. Even she, it turns out, is stymied by how unprepared we are. Still, fuck this. Oi.

2) The pre-reqs at the other college for this class are as follows: the second level of math classes, a writing class, a general biology class, and a chemistry class. The prerequisite class here is a writing class.

3) I have decided the only way to get through this class is to look at it as super villain training. This is the only way I will learn how to make terrifying genetic mutations as minions to do my bidding. My world domination hinges on passing this class.

4) Seriously. Why the hell else would I need to know the simple squamous, the simple columnar, the process of ionic and hydrogen bonding, and what various functions the mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, and endoplasmic reticulum serve?

5) Bring on my black, shiny cape, motherfuckers. And maybe a cool helmet. Definitely some cool shoes.
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The thing I must do today: STUDY. Study as if the very demons of hell will be unleashed by a failing grade on tomorrow's exam. Study, study, study. Which in this case, will require half a notebook's worth of endlessly re-copied terminology, as that's the only way I can commit things to memory. I will probably drag Jesse into quizzing me several times on the study guide.

I think it's terribly unfair that the teacher has not adjusted the exams to cover the fact that NOT A SINGLE ONE OF US IN THE CLASS has gone through any of the pre-reqs she has built the exams on, but resentment over fair or unfair will not win me a passing grade.

Livejournal AND Dreamwidth have not been properly notifying me of comments. It must be a glitch in my Gmail. So today I must also get that straightened out.

Jesse's discovering that I'm a terribly, terribly morbid person. It's my favorite kind of humor. It's my favorite sort of bedtime discussion. Death, love, and extremely inappropriate and incorrect jokes. At some point in the evening he asked me if I was positive about something. I said "I'm as positive as an HIV patient at the end of a 20 year diagnosis."

Okay, sure, horribly insensitive. But it was one of those things that just came out. I laughed. He just got wide-eyed. That also made me laugh.

I talk about Death a lot, especially at bedtime. It helps me sleep. It relaxes me. It seemed to bother him. It seems to bother all of the lovers I've had. I get that but it's still hard to reign in the impulse. David used to say I was obsessed with Death. I'm not obsessed, but I can see why others would think I was.

I especially talked about the death of my cats, about how welcoming one into your heart and home comes with knowing you will bury that pet. It is inevitable. Animals generally have shorter life spans than we do. It is an eventuality, an unavoidable aspect of this kind of love. And yet, as I told him, it is what has taught me that my heart is strong enough TO love, even knowing, even dreading, the loss of that love.

One comes with the other. You can't hide from it. You can't ignore it. You either open your heart to it or else you have to not bring pets into your home. It is a test of will and love...and it is what convinced me that the human heart is infinite. We ARE able to handle worlds of love and loss in stride. Even knowing I will lose them, I can still love them.

He said it was a terribly morbid way of looking at things. He also said it was beautiful.

Love - and life - IS morbid. It is also beautiful. If it is the fleeting and passing lives of felines that help me learn such a thing, then so be it. All will be well.
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Also another reason I'm hating this class:

TEACHER: Now, I'm assuming you all have had at least one medical terminology class -

*the class, all of which are Criminal Justice Majors, stare blankly*

TEACHER: You haven't had any medical classes? Biology classes?

*more blank stares*

TEACHER: None at all?

ME: Uhm, just please don't assume previous knowledge because there is none here. At all.

TEACHER: Oh. They told me you guys had all taken medical classes before.

ME: Did you make up the syllabus on that assumption?


ME: Are you going to adjust it?

TEACHER: I don't know.

ME: *envisions angry flames licking up the side of the classroom* I'm so lucky I can't Carrie myself out of the next exam.
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So this month I have Anatomy and Physiology. The stated reason for this is because we, in the criminal justice field, may need some basic knowledge of emergency physical response. But seeing as this is Brown Mackie and that a detailed CPR class would be much more in line with said reasoning, it's easy to see the real reason for throwing us into this class - to milk more money out of the students.

Aside from my irritation at that, hardline sciences are something I have basic trouble with to begin with. Memorization takes overwhelming concentration. We are covering A LOT of material, such as "identify and describe the functions of the nuclear components (nuclear envelopes, nucleoi, chromatin/chromosomes).

Yes. Criminal justice majors totally need to know this. My thirty thousand dollar education will be so enriched by this. I am certain I will use this in the vigorous pursuit of a worthwhile and well paying job.


Also new teacher. The exchange about the attendance policy goes like this:

Teacher: if you miss a day because you are sick, I need a doctors note.

Me: what if you don't have health insurance?

Teacher: well, a minute clinic works.

Me: what if I don't have the 100 dollars for a minute clinic?

Teacher: well, I'll still need documentation. Also if your car breaks down, I'll need a tow bill.

Me: what if I can't have it towed and have to wait for a friend to haul it with a trailer?

Teacher: well, I'll still need documentation.

Me: (internally) I hope you lose your job, your home, your husband, and every other form of applicable income you have.
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You ever have a group of friends that was SO large and SO promiscuous that eventually it became impossible to keep track of who slept with who, and whose fighting with who, and who to blame for the endless outbreak of gonorrhea?

That is pretty much my impression of how the Middle East and all of its fighting factions came to be.

Except with bombs.

(This segment brought to you by an average American student who just can't keep track of this shit.)
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Things to do today:

* Take the online test for school

* Scoop out litterboxes

* Do dishes

* Hang out with Pat

* Paint nails

* Play some Mass Effect 3

I may get only two or three of those done. I woke up feeling a little better. We'll see how it goes once the initial rush of morning energy dissipates.

This month the Professor has scheduled tests to be more like actual tests. There are no chances for test corrections and the length of the test itself has been, well, lengthened. Takes me about an hour and a half to get through it.

I would think that would annoy me, but no, I appreciate it. Something that actually resembles real academic work is gratefully accepted at this point.

Besides, being as it is 1) an online test and 2) has a four hour testing period, it means I can both smoke and do my nails during the test.

I swear, I'm becoming one of those writers who can't think straight unless I've got a lit cigarette hanging out of my mouth.
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You guys were right - fortuitous/prodigious were the words I was looking for! And I don't know the word propitious, so here in a minute, I'm going to have to look that.

And you're right, Franklanguage, I think EMDR is a sort of biofeedback thing. I think. I don't know what biofeedback is. I'll also have to look that up.

And you guys are right on the money about the fidgeting thing. That I'm going to think about!

This morning I wake up annoyed to find this in my inbox.Like jesus fucking Christ y'all )

This is college. If your students don't do the work and they have not made previous agreements with you, you fail them. Easy breezy. Simple as that. I swear, just BEING in an environment where I get these emails is making me dumber.

And this: " think by time there willl be more instead of less of terror acts then now just because everyday new people educate little kids to be torrerist and how to hate the America it happens a lot everywhere especually here in the United States. I feel now in days people think America is the worst so every day new terrorist come up and try to attack something that is very improtant to the United States or where there a good big population"

Thankfully, having to do the car switcheroo with Pat in order to even get to class, I have to leave an hour early just to make sure he gets to work.

This month is particularly annoying, as we are discussion terrorism and Mr. Racist Professor is racist. The supplemental material he is giving us is just stuffed with inflammatory language. Just...ugh.

One hour today. That's it.

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This week's installment of "How in the FUCK are these guys passing?" Also known as: BROWN MACKIE, DON'T DO IT!

* when I talk about United States my diffinition does not change but I do believe that the United States have some very bully like ways to make them come as a country trying to cause massive harm to other countries to get what they want

* If a county has a terror attack they fell that it is worse then any other county, reason of course is because it is there country.

* true they really don't care about there life's, so why do they have to try to take so many out with them. If they want to die and kill them self's for there cause, why don't they just kill them self's.

* when i think about terrorism i think about someone(or a group) directly ruining a structure or group of people for their own personal gain(or their country/group of people) on purpose. i dont think that the definition changes when we are talking about the united states because there are people like that here too.

* My difintion of terrorism it just violance among people who think have power to do anything and harm/kill people for no reason.

* When I hear certain things on the news and read news papers other country look at Unites states as being bullies and the first thing they think of when they hear the word terrorism is United staes
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This is my problem with these tests:


David Bell believed total war began with...

Textbook answer:

David Bell argued that total war came with....

Both of those can mean the same thing. Both of those can mean two completely different things.

And I can assure you, the professor is not trying to teach us critical thinking skills or testing our word splicing capabilities. This is just bad test construction.

(I'm certain the professor wants us to answer "True." So I will. I can quite happily argue the second, though, should it come down to it.)
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This month, the Professor has taken a new approach to curtailing late work. He's decided to only post assignments the week they are due and refuse students the chance to work ahead. This will keep students from submitting their homework past the due date.

Which made me go "Wait, WHAT?" How does preventing students from turning work in early keep them from turning it in late?

Does anyone have an idea of why this would make sense from a teachers point of view? Instead of, y'know, just enforcing a late work policy? Is there some aspect of a Professor's teaching that I'm just not privy to and thus, I'm not understanding the logic behind this?

It reminds me of the days of public school, in which the teachers could not trust the students to read class material in their off time. The solution to this was to make everyone read passages of the text out loud. In excruciatingly slow, faltering, mumbled, poorly sounded out words, as being a reader is actually kind of a rare thing, especially for school kids.

It aggravated me to no end, as I could have gotten through it in half the time.

* NOTE: I am less aggravated at that now. It turns out I have the math skills of a grade schooler, so I'm able to give other people who have a hard time reading more of a break.

* NOTE: It still annoys me if we have to do it in college, as we sometimes do here in this remedial excuse of a college. This is college, dudes. If you wanted to sit in a grade school classroom, go get on the bus with your kids and go to their school.

* NOTE: This school is so dumb.


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