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Things that irrationally annoy me:

* Escalades. This monstrosity, for my UK folks (Double the irritation if it's a tiny, blonde, obviously-well-to-do lady driving it.)

* Being thirsty AND having to pee at the same time.

* People who back into parking spaces.

* People who eat peas with a fork. How do you even do that?!

* People who have strong opinions on whether or not the microwave timer should be cleared after each use. It's, like, one button press to clear it. What's the big deal?

* Minions. I've never seen the movie, I don't think animated, bright, booger like creatures are cute, and I don't understand how they've become the FB meme of the century. (Double the irritation if the pipsqueak is saying something that's supposed to relay toughness. Nothing is LESS tough than a pint-sized urinal cake wearing goggles.)
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When they say these things:

THEM: "I can see your bra-strap."

ME: Oh yeah? Well, I can see YOUR FACE!

(Alternately:) Oh no! Someone will know I'm wearing a bra! Surely none but the most brazen harlots wear bras!


THEM: You know smoking is a bad thing, right?

ME: *fling cigarette to the ground and then fling my arms around them in a bear hug* What?! Really? No one has ever told me that! Thank you for saving my life! I could have DIED without you! I owe you my life! My friendship! My love! Please, let's marry, as you are obviously the only person in my life that cares for me!

(Alternately:) You know criticizing someone whose got something that is literally on fire in their hands is a bad thing, right?
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I should have clarified yesterday - it annoys me when women politicize their body hair. (Thank you, Immemor, for that phrase!) That's what I meant. I get not shaving because of lack of time or energy. It's when women - and it's usually young ones, because youth naturally comes loaded with barrels of The Pompous And Ridiculous - crow about those sorts of things for the sake of bucking social norms.

Men who wear makeup for the same sake also annoy me. But being a feminist, the former is what I see more often. This is in part the backlash of a backlash. It irritates me to no end to be told - if only in implication - that being interested in traditional girly things betrays the feminist cause.

I bought a tube of lipstick, not a goddamn yoke and leash.

It feels as if there should be more to write about. I got only four hours of sleep last night. I've been drinking more than enough water. The room temperature was agreeable. And yet, two mornings in a row, the pain in my skull is what propels me from the sheets. Damn headaches. Cyclical as they are, no less.

Nothing to do but wait them out. They'll recede. They always do.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 07:49 am
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More Things I Don't Get:

* Armpit hair on women. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be an enlightened feminist. Celebrate the female body. Fight the patriarchy. Yadda yadda yadda. Still, I shudder.

Go ahead. Revoke my vagina card. I don't care.

* Livejournal's obsession with tiny statured, completely asexual or else utterly effeminate K-Pop and J-Pop bands. Especially the fanfic of them.

* People who bitch about sexist or racist terminology in books written in sexist or racist times. Leave that shit in there and preserve the past. It's important, you dumb-ass, revisionists twits.
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Because I am tired.

Things that annoy me:

* How long nail polish takes to dry

* Substituting strange letters in the name of activism or individuality. Spelling it "womyn", or "personkind" is not fighting the patriarchy. Nor does spelling it "vampyre" make you sound dark and deep. It makes you look like you've just discovered the New Age section at Barnes and Nobles.

* How cleaning fans is nearly impossible. Toothbrushes can only get you so far on those. Oh, had I the money to simply buy a new fan every time the old ones get wrapped in cat fur.

* Quest fetching

* Using the words "po-po" in place of "police." That just makes me want to find someone to change your diaper.

* How some nail polishes will refuse to come off your skin and yet will chip off your nail at a mere glance.

* My allergies, which have been the worst this fall than they've been in years.

* The fact that I did drugs because now OTC meds affect me in different ways. Most notably, they knock me on my ass during times when I need to be alert.

My nails have finally dried some. I'm going to make pancakes. Because I like pancakes. They are soft and sweet.
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This week's installment of "How in the FUCK are these guys passing?" Also known as: BROWN MACKIE, DON'T DO IT!

* when I talk about United States my diffinition does not change but I do believe that the United States have some very bully like ways to make them come as a country trying to cause massive harm to other countries to get what they want

* If a county has a terror attack they fell that it is worse then any other county, reason of course is because it is there country.

* true they really don't care about there life's, so why do they have to try to take so many out with them. If they want to die and kill them self's for there cause, why don't they just kill them self's.

* when i think about terrorism i think about someone(or a group) directly ruining a structure or group of people for their own personal gain(or their country/group of people) on purpose. i dont think that the definition changes when we are talking about the united states because there are people like that here too.

* My difintion of terrorism it just violance among people who think have power to do anything and harm/kill people for no reason.

* When I hear certain things on the news and read news papers other country look at Unites states as being bullies and the first thing they think of when they hear the word terrorism is United staes
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Because of insomnia and thoughts and general snark, here is some choice quotes from this week's online discussion in my class.

My college class. My supposedly university, college level class. These are from different students. Some are spelling related, some are grammar related, others are...I have no idea what related, and some are HOLY FUCK WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT CAPITALIZING THE FIRST LETTER OF YOUR SENTENCES.

*sometimes without your concent they still obtain that information.

*There should be no tracking personal info could be taking

* i agree with the companies needing concent. that is one thing that i did not cover.

* I agree with you that they shopuldnt but they prob still do track what we put in

* I do not think that privet companies

* What if someone identity gets stolen. It is not like you can find who is taking your info that is why it is wrong.

* just check what their supose to check other than that i don't think they should any else then only that. just so there job and that it.

* signing there contract gives them

*I say if we our spending our hard earned money on something then we should be allowed privacy and not have to worry about someone keeping track on every single thing that we do or go.

These are all students who have been in the program for some time. They have all been passing. They all think this is professional grade writing. UGH.

I'll get to a real post soon. Just...ugh. UGH. If this is the future -

Put me in cryo-stasis. I'll cozy up to Walt Disney. We be aight, holmes.
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Tumblr decides to organize a convention. Well, not ACTUAL Tumblr, but rather some Tumblr teenagers.

Hilarity and highway robbery ensues. Something like over seventeen thousand dollars of robbery.

Highlights: 7K people estimated to show up. Less than 500 show up. The Baker Street Babes get scammed. Nightvale walks after realizing that the organizers can't pay them. Con organizers beg attendee's for money, cash, anything, while in the lobby - people just dump cash into a bag and then are surprised to find out there is no way to get that money refunded.

The saddest ball pit in history. SRSLY.

Dude, seriously, I can't even explain it. It's too crazy. Most failed con ever. I am crying with how hard I've been laughing.

Here's the tl;dr news article: http://www.dailydot.com/geek/dash-con-controversy-tumblr/

This is Something Awful being, well, awful about it. But hilariously awful!


(It's super long, but trust me, never before has so much internet fail been in such a three day short period.)

The thread provides updates given by attendees, Nightvale, the Baker Street Babes, and the saddest ball pit in the history of all mankind.

Fucking Tumblr. (Which is, btw, why I can't stand so much of what is currently known as "activism", nor can I stand the people into it.)

Fucking Tumblr.


May. 27th, 2014 04:47 pm
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So after yet another massive headache that chased me into my cool, dark bed, and a strange sex dream involving an aging starlet, I have a specific and strong urge to listen to some Lords of Acid.

Even though I'm pretty sure Traci Lords isn't old enough yet to be considered "aging." Nor do I think she could have ever been considered a "starlet", though definitely a "star" if one put the word "porn" in front of it.

So Bart had an awesome post today relating an actual guide to Otherkin.


Seriously, check out the guide. Everything from animals to elements to FRUIT is in there. (Fruit. Seriously. Fruit.)


I'm willing to give just about anybody the terms they want. You might have to remind me a few times, because I'm stupid forgetful, but overall, hey man, your body, your words. Whatevs.

But you think you're not human? You are sincerely appropriating social justice language to be taken seriously for what is, at its best, a childhood game of playing pretend that just never ended?

Pardon me while I go burst into uncontrollable laughter over here in the corner. Oh, no, don't worry. I'm not laughing at you. Really, I swear I'm not. Scouts honor.

There was another article listed in the comments. A brilliant, if not trolly one.


In which a troll sets up shop in the Tumblr Otherkin community and, after the curtain is whisked away to reveal the small man of Oz, says "You have created a community in which someone can ….find it plausible that someone would believe they are a Korean cat with autism and appropriate social justice terminology to defend that belief. What does that say about the state of your community?…."

Well said.

And finally, THIS article, which is a discussion of the appropriation of the social justice language used to defend what is, essentially, a completely different (and ridiculous) thing.

This further article is just a fascinating read into language in general, but really does well in conveying how appropriation is a REALLY SHITTY THING to do to other people.


Now - the last time I even mentioned Otherkin I had one stumble onto my journal very upset. I get that. The part that cracked me up into hysterical laughter?

Where they said that I shouldn't talk about it (oh honey, you DO realize you're on the Internet, right?) and that I shouldn't use the words "crazy" because it's ableist. (Yes, because I'm not crazy at all. Nope. Just a perfectly normal person who doesn't struggle with debilitating depression, mania, PTSD, sexual abuse recovery, etc.)

But here's the thing (and this is the important part) I'm going to make fun of Otherkin HERE. I will never, EVER, EVER go to an Otherkin's journal (or community) and make fun of them THERE.

A journal, a community, etc is a safe space. You want to be crazy over there? That's fine, cuz I'm going to be crazy over HERE. I won't fuck with that.

It's my rule. It's the only goddamn rule I have somedays. A person's journal is their safe space. This is mine. Over there is yours. Personal bubble and all that.

So here's my bubble, making fun of another person's bubble (without actually going over there to pop it), and hoping that very soon, this goddamn headache actually fucking goes away.
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Cruising my favorite "Let's mock people" thread on the Internet on Something Awful - here's some inspired snark.

* Lolita is NOT slapping on a cream colored, scoop necked shirt from Walmart and a white skirt you bought on sale at the Gap. Lolita, as a cosplay style, requires WAY MORE EFFORT than that.

* Sloppy cosplay does no one any good. Least of all you, who WILL wind up pictured and mocked on some website.

* FOR FUCK'S SAKE, NERD WOMEN OF THE WORLD, LISTEN UP: If you are going to spend hours agonizing over a costume, a corset and skirt combo, the perfect tuxedo and monocle set for your night out....put on some goddamn lipstick and eyeliner. At the very minimum. A "look" is not just about the clothes, it's about THE WHOLE PICTURE. Did you not read any beauty magazines as a child? Teen Vogue? Seventeen? Steal your mother's Cosmo?

Adorning your body so elaborately while ignoring your face just makes you look unfinished and sloppy.

* More Love For The Fedora Hate - Said ever so perfectly by Baron Von Pigon, on Something Awful's Thread-To-Mock-People.

"Fedoras are like when a guy brings a cute kid or dog to the park to attract girls. He lacks the qualities they have, like being cute and approachable, so by attaching himself to things that are cute and approachable he vicariously enjoys the benefits.

However, the fedora wearer is a bit more like a cargo cultist because he doesn't understand his hat is just a silly and ineffectual ploy. Insufferable manchildren wear them because they want to be treated like they're sophisticated and high class and mature, but they are none of these things.

Unlike the man with the dog or the kid he doesn't realize that he's only putting on a costume and expecting to be taken seriously; he believes that being a respectable adult is the fiat of a hat. He has no idea of what actually garners respect, his mind can only attempt to grasp a ritual.

Another comment about my beloved Fedora Hate that cracked me up:

"They expect to be swooned over for having a mix of intelligence and grace as they're painfully aware they don't have the confidence to fill in the rest."

* I'm...sorry????....that the only way you can get off is a combo of furry, vore, giantism, AND hentai porn...??? That must be rough??? Have you thought about making your own porn???

* If you have to talk like THIS: "queer trans woman, Washington DC, tranarchist, anarcha-feminist/marxist (something like that), prison abolitionist, Jewish anti-Zionist, poly/relationship anarchist" - I will assume you have not yet graduated your Freshmen year in college. I will also assume you've just discovered Tumblr, like, this week.

* Seriously? You're going to post a super sexy picture of yourself on your carpet which hasn't been vacuumed in months? Are Cheetos and Coke cans part of your sexual lure? Cuz I'm hungry, but not THAT hungry.

* I swear to God, the next Otaku that tries to speak with a Japanese accent is going to be involuntary harakiri'd. YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO JAPAN AND HAVE ONLY WATCHED THE EQUIVALENT OF JAPANESE KIDS CARTOONS.

* No, on second thought, please go to Japan and test out your awesome "Otaku-ness". And Youtube the results, because that shit will be HILARIOUS.

* Speaking of harakiri: No, sweetie, no - your katana that you bought at the local New Age store at the mall does NOT make you look like a samurai. It doesn't even make you look like Samurai Jack.

* Saying you are an Anglophile does not impress me. No, you do not sound more cultured, well-read, higher class, or intelligent. This is the age of instant global communication. Coveting the works and knowledge of England is no longer a clandestine interest available to the 'well-to-do'.

* Because interests are just that: interests. They do not make a personality. Interests are a collection of things you like - but they are not the sole makeup of who you are.

* What have you done in your life? What is your story? Who has written various chapters in your life? What influence has those interests had on the course of your life?

* If you can't answer those questions without simply repeating your interests verbatim, you are a sad, wasted child who has no business in my life.

Come back when you have something to share.

Tired of -

May. 16th, 2014 07:33 pm
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Because I'm tired and want to keep writing, here's a list of things I'm tired of.

Things )

Anyone else got any similar lists of things they are tired of?
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So Student Who Can't Write was bemoaning her research paper grade, which apparently took her total grade down to a D. She just could not understand what had been so terrible about her paper.

This was her final online discussion post. It's like the crowning glory on the worst writing I have ever seen in any college student, and it's been four weeks of reading her posts, aaaallllll which look like THIS. "I don't think he should choose to have the death penalty that taking the easy way out. I think he needs to sit in jail and think about the person live he has taking just how they family has to deal with not having their love one every day. The offender shouldn't be able to have no say so in his punishment. If I was the judge I wpuld deny his request in sentence him to jail."

I am not going to say it. I WANT to say it, but I'm not going to.

But I really want to say "I know exactly why you failed that paper."
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1) Cleaning was a bad idea. All that physical exertion just about killed me.

2) Which in turn made me feel like killing some dumb bitch in the drive thru on my way home. (FB copypasta: So I'm at the drive thru and this dumb bitch orders, pulls her car up a foot, and fucking stops. And sits there for five solid fucking minutes. Just far up enough to prevent anyone else from ordering without actually pulling forward. What the fuck. BITCH YOU ARE AWARE THAT THEY DON'T BRING YOUR ORDER TO THE FUCKING DRIVE THRU MICROPHONE RIGHT?!!!)

3) Fire won't burn in the vacuum of space, right? (That's not actually as random as it sounds. I promise. If you are me, that little diversion in topics makes perfect sense.)


Apr. 1st, 2014 11:34 am
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David's been on this "it's a trilby, not a fedora" kick since the Fedora phenomenon has been hitting our particular circle of nerds.

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Random snark from numerous and uncountable pictures and threads from the Something Awful thread:In which I continue to disdain )


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