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So in between drinking what must be half of Kansas City's water supply, I am reading Bad Sex On Speed: A Novel by Jerry Stahl.

It's vulgar. It's fast. It's somewhat incomprehensible. And it's a perfect fucking read on what meth is.

So perfect. I've been clean for 13 years now. But I read and this makes me remember. And laugh. And cringe. People don't get it. Why get addicted? And why the hell get hooked on METH? Haven't you seen those CREEPY VIDEOS with PEOPLE who HAVE MORE SORES than FACE?

Yeah. But that's not why you're there. You're not there to make sure you look pretty six months later. You're there because you got shit to do.

Lots of it. So much that it's going to take an eight-ball of ether, Red Devil Lye, and about half a cup of baked gasoline to do it with. (If those things make no sense in being together for you, count yourself lucky. And sane.)

The way the book is written - perfect. Glib and clipped and absolutely manic. Wonderful. It's like reading from the brain of a tweaker. Not reading WITH or ALONG with the brain of a tweaker. But reading FROM. It's wild. (I'd give you some quotes, but it won't let me copy/paste my fave passages so far).

Water. Books. Drink more water. Read more books. That's what I'm going to do today.

I love books with fast and stylized writing, where the writing style ITSELF is a form of storytelling.

This book definitely nails that.

EDIT: Ha ha, this is the type of book David would NEVER read. Not because it's about drugs, but because it's not written all uber intellectual. The book itself is an easy read (if you can follow the leaps in subject and syntax, at least, and me being an ex-speed freak, it's like 'no biggie whatevs') but moreover there is no grand, epic, classic story. No great Sturm and Drang. It's just one dude writing a ridiculously fast paced narrative about being a speed freak.

It wouldn't make David look smart if he's reading something like this. Can't have that, can we? That's okay.

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1) I try to sleep. Even if there is no pain upon lying down, the pain returns a few hours later, even with the clove oil. Waking up in pain is worse than suffering through it with my eyes open, so I sleep gingerly. More resting than sleeping.

2) I wound up phoning it in for that paper. The structure was loose. There was a defining theme but it wasn't tight or well organized. It was a quarter page short of its length requirement. I've run out of all fucks to give.

3) I'd picked up a new candle at a grocery store. There are Mexican candles, large glass votive ones, usually with patron saints on them. I've always loved them. There was a new one - Santa Muerta. The Saint of Death. She fits lovely on my skull shrine.

4) While not a new saint, she has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few years - even rivaling Saint Guadalupe. Santa Muerte is not only the caregiver of souls who pass on, but also of the lost, the transient, and the outcast.

5) I'm an atheist, but love the idea of patron saints. So there she sits, an elegant piece, and perhaps a silent prayer, if there is anything to be prayed to at all.

6) I am nearly finished with this month's book. Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale of How I learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat. It may sound like fluffy glurge, but this book is special even amongst cat books.

I love books about cats. I have tons of them.

But Gwen Cooper is an EXCEPTIONAL writer. She has a talent for pacing story and for clear description. It has been a long time since a book has made me laugh out loud so many times. And it has been even longer since a book made me cry.

Yeah, cry. Like outright, put-the-book-down, put my hands over my eyes, and SOB. She and her cats were living only five blocks away from Ground Zero on 9-11. The few days of anguish and fear and her journey to get back to her cats after evacuation was heart rending.

7) I am happy to report they all made it alive and well.

8) I fervently despise the taste of clove now. It makes me gag. I resent clove. I FUCKING HATE IT. I'm using the word "hate" here. It's a very strong word and I'm using it on purpose.

9) I've spent a whole day mostly away from LJ. It feels bizarre. I have quite a bit of catching up to do tomorrow. It feels somewhat negligent to not respond to each of your updates as soon as they are posted. But I know you guys understand.

10) I listened to Lords of Acid while writing my paper. I'd forgotten how awesome that band was. It was titillating and daring stuff when I first heard them as a young teenager. It's not anywhere near as shocking now but no less satisfying.

11) I feel like a bad Mommy. Because of the pain and the drugs, the cats have gotten very little cuddle or playtime. At most, I haul one to lay in my arms for a few moments. I can't wait till I feel better so I can give them more attention.

12) It is good to read a book a month. David and I had come up with that resolution, and even as we are no longer together, it is still something I am keeping up on.

13) I'd forgotten how much I liked books.

14) I put on the sounds of a thunderstorm on Youtube to fall asleep to. It is lovely.

15) The pain seems neverending right now, made worse (in the strangest way) by the occasional hours of relief from it. The the continual out of focus fog that the pain meds induce is taking its toll as well. I know it is not forever, though.

As long as I can keep that in mind.

I love you all. Thank you so much for listening.
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List of Awesome New Books The Tooth Fairy Gave Me:

-No Lifeguard On Duty: Autobiography of Janice Dickenson

-A Year of Writing Dangerously

-Mass Effect: Deception

-Naked, Drunk, and Writing

-Handling The Truth On Writing The Memoir

-The Antidote: Happiness For People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking

-Perpetual Euphoria: On The Duty To Be Happy

I also am halfway through Homer: The Odyssey of A Blind Cat. (True Story)

Life can't be all THAT bad. I have books. It can't be all that bad.

It just can't be. Besides, two of those books are all about deconstructing the Cult of Happiness, one of my favorite subjects to see torn to shreds. Curmudgeonliness, be rewarded!
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Now that I have both a tablet and an e-reader, I want to keep a running tab of books that I want to read. I'll probably have to get a few of these in hard copy, though. That's okay.

Disco Bloodbath (by James St. James) - IT IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE VIA DOWNLOAD! SWEEEET! http://www.ebook3000.com/Biographies/Disco-Bloodbath--A-Fabulous-But-True-Tale-of-Murder-in-Clubland_167963.html

Perpetual Euphoria: On The Duty To Be Happy: (by Pascal Bruckner, and Steven Rendall)

No Lifeguard on Duty: The Accidental Life of the World's First Supermodel (By Janice Dickinson)

Everything About Me Is Fake-- And I'm Perfect (By Janice Dickinson)


January: Mass Effect Book 2

Feb: Mass Effect Book 3

March: Odd Apocalypse

April: Homer: The Odyssey of The Blind Cat


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