Apr. 24th, 2017

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* Think to myself "Hmm. We need more cat litter. I'll go pick some up."

* Come home, shut the door behind me, put my back against it, and slide into an inky unconsciousness.

* "That sucked. I'm going to keep an eye on out on this."

* Refill catboxes. Message Blozor that I'm contemplating a 911 call.

* Check blood pressure. It's dropping. It's dropping fast. Like, really fast.

* "Shiiii-". Pass out on couch halfway between that thought. Come to, grab phone, wander outside and call 911.

* (Yeah yeah, shouldn't have walked anywhere. Should have kept my ass right where I was. I am sick of waking Jesse out of a dead sleep and panicking him. And sick of us desperately trying to round up all 4 cats into the bathroom so the EMT's can work without stepping on them.)

* Blood pressure reads 80/47 when the EMT's arrive.

* Get the ER. I am asleep - or unconscience, it can be hard to tell - for most of it but am able to at least come around when people say my name multiple times. Blood pressure wavers in the ER between the healthy(ish) bare teens when lying prone and then plunging into 60/40 when I try to stand.

* It does take a few hours in the ER, but it all finally stabilizes.

* Final diagnosis? Combo of wrong meds and dehydration. Discard one of the old blood pressure meds, drink more water, and for god's sake, stand up slowly, Teressa.

* Not sure how I feel about all this. Am glad (thank you, Michael, for urging me to call 911) that I caught it early enough to avoid dying this morning. Am annoyed that I have something that REQUIRES catching early enough to avoid dying in the span of an hour, if not minutes.

* Could it have killed me? Could it have killed me inside of an hour? Going by the numbers, yep. Am I counting this as yet another near death experience?

* No. Why? Because I don't care about that word anymore. It's not the "near death" part that counts.

* It's the part where I walk out of that damn hospital and come home to write a Livejournal post about it that counts.


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