Apr. 13th, 2017

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Ohhh geeeez. I hadn't realized AT ALL that THAT bullshit was what I was agreeing to. I'm already on DW and automatically cross posting to LJ, but LJ comments don't cross post onto DW.

And I can't lose all of the comments from you guys. I just can't. There are SO MANY TIMES that I'll go back years in my journal, read a comment, and go OMG I JUST GOT THAT!. It's a tool I can never give up.

I'll have to figure out a way to back all this up, since deleting my DW and just recopying the entire thing will take days and leave me to manually search for all my DW contacts. (DW is smart and always opens its doors for free when LJ has a major upset, but there's a long line piling up, I've heard).


That's what I've used in the past. It opens in Adobe Reader as a full PDF, comments and everything. I'm not sure if it's still a viable tool, though I'll find out later when I try to use it.

Livejournal is my home. I'll be here until they turn off the lights for good. But this is such an uncertain set of rules to be posting under that for the first time in 13 years, I'm wondering if I'll have to find a new home.

Like you said, Cinema - leave a back door wide open in case you have to flee screaming.

Besides, there's only ONE Federation that's ever been worthy of such a name. That name? Star Fleet. Go meet some Romulans and maybe, just maybe, I'll be happy to apply the word "federation" to a country.
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Jesse is playing a video game called "Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning. One of the races in the game are called the "Tuatha".

And the only thing I can think of every time that race is mentioned is that word is one of the words used in Willow's spell to bring Fin Raziel back to her human form.

That movie was made in 1988. That spell was repeated only 2 times in the whole movie. And the word "TOOWATHA" was only ONE FREAKING WORD out of that spell.

And that's the memory association I have. Granted, I've watched the film many times, but to find myself leaping out of bed and exclaiming to Jesse "THAT'S ONE OF THE WORDS THAT WILLOW USED IN HIS SPELLS!" just so clearly stamps NERD on my forehead.



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