Mar. 18th, 2017

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Well some of you may know (or not) but Tizzy took a full bottle of pills Wednesday on an impulse. She then dialed 911, spent 2 days in ICU, and is now resting safely sans internet. When speaking to her today (she is doing much better) she voiced that she is struggling with an issue. She wanted to reach out to her support group and ask a question to everyone who reads this. So I am typing this out at her behest for when she comes home.

On to the question, QT wants everyone's opinion and thoughts regarding hope.

This includes how you would define it, how does one maintain it, and what does one do when you lose it.

If your not a member of LJ or DW and want to share your thoughts privately the email to share it with her is

I apologize that it has taken me this long to update everyone, but here it is now.

On a side note, she is FINALLY 4 days off the steroids. I believe her mental health should take a sharp turn for the better now. No one would listen to us, we both begged the doctors to get her off of them. She knew they were causing enormous problems for her mental health, and I could see it.

Last update, her kidneys are doing much better now, working at over 70%. The doctor said optimistically that she might have saved them from failing so lets, hope?


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