Mar. 11th, 2017

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A boring argument between Jesse and I )

I've had three days this week where I've done nothing but sleep all day, all night. I've also had four days this week where I've been extremely active, doing all kinds of errands, chores, conversations with Jesse, etc. Jesse asked how it is that I sleep so much.

My reply was that I probably push too hard on the good days and wind up paying for it the next day - and often the day after that as well. Lupus fatigue is not like normal fatigue. One day of rest does not equal one day of burning it hard, as most people would expect it to be.

Sometimes you just wind up paying for those good days in multiple increments - one of those being daily energy. It's erratic, it's unpredictable, and it's extremely frustrating.

It is also something I don't have much control over. Telling someone to just go back to sleep is like telling a night owl to just go to bed earlier. In other words, it's likely to get you an eye-roll at best and a rip-roaring argument at worst.

Still, it's 1:30 AM. I'll try laying back down. Even a couple more hours has to be better than nothing, right?


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