Mar. 5th, 2017

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* The geese are returning. I thought to myself "How silly of them. It's only February." And then I thought "That's dumb, Teressa. They don't know it's February. They just know it's warm enough to come home."

* I saw the first squirrel today that I've seen in months. This has to be a good sign.

* Why do squirrels build their nests so high up in trees, where the slightest breeze perilously tips the branches? Wouldn't it make more sense to build the nest somewhere near the base or the middle of the tree, where it'd be more stable?

* Joint pain sucks. I am surprised, however, to note that everybody is right: moving around helps ease the sharpest of the aches. It doesn't make it go away, but it makes it less immediately painful.

* I want to be well enough to get on the treadmill. This is not yet a feasible thing to do, concerning the two sets of stairs I have to get down BEFORE I get to the treadmill.

But they say any activity is good, so I count the forty minutes or so a day tidying up the apartment, moving from room to room, bending, stretching, stooping, etc doing chores as activity.

And at least twice a week, I manage to get out to go to errands, which includes walking. Once a time ago, I would have not counted that as activity. Having been at the point where a 10 minute trip in and out of Walmart left me near crying with exhaustion and pain, I now count walking - even as part of errand running - as activity.

Thankfully, the doctors agree that it all counts as activity and so no one is expecting me to run a marathon yet. But I AM feeling well enough to start trying some of the exercise programs that you guys have sent me.

* Feels good to be able to do something physical most days.

* Rupert HAS NOT stopped sleeping in trash cans. Jesse went to the bathroom and was baffled by a low, rhythmic yet rumbling sound. A few minutes of opening cupboards, pulling back the shower curtain, etc, it turns out the sound was coming from Rupert, fast asleep, warm and safe, in our bathroom trash can.

* His roots as a stray cat, having to forage for every bit of food and safety that he could, show very strongly. It makes him rambunctious, but I hope soon he settles down and realizes that he is always safe here.

* When I don't have anything else to talk about, I talk about animals. I guess there are far worse things to talk about.

* Like being halfway through six loads of laundry. It's an endevour, but one well worth it. Clean underwear is a pretty awesome thing to have.


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