Feb. 6th, 2017

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I'm on Youtube looking for videos about lupus. I want to watch personal videos (vblogs I think they're called?) of people WITH lupus, but I also wanted to watch some medical videos. Learn more about this disease and how it's doing my body wrong.

All Youtube wants to give me are twats who prattle on about "natural cures", to which, fuck that. I've no qualms about people adding natural treatments to an established medical one. I've A MILLION qualms about people who insist that everything can be magically made better if I just ate a plastic capsule filled with dried flower bits.

I'm in no hurry to finish what I started 3 weeks ago when I almost died. And what, pray tell, made it possible to continue living? Modern. Fucking. Medicine. Y'know, the same thing that made it so your nose won't rot off if you contract syphilis. The same thing that makes it possible for children to attend school together, instead of turning one case of smallpox into a pustule filled, classroom sized epidemic.

Yes, modern medicine has side effects. So do natural treatments. The big difference is that one includes death as a side effect (which is as natural as it gets) while the other just has an ungodly list of uncomfortable symptoms. Guess which is which?

I could go on for hooours about how irritated the subject of "natural medicine" and "positive thinking" can "cure" anything makes me. I blame Eckhart Tolle and his ilk. The people who suggest that all negative things happen due to our negative thoughts. It's like, "Yeah, sorry your kid died of cancer, but they obviously just didn't want to LIVE hard enough. Try again with your next kid."

Ain't nothing wrong with having a rosy attitude. There's plenty wrong with suggesting all you need is that rosy attitude. And vitamins, which usually contain an extremely small amount of what it says on the bottle and are instead chock full of filler ingredients.

Enjoy your sawdust, assholes.


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