Jan. 18th, 2017

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Guess whose in the ICU and was, apparently, mere hours away from shuffling off this mortal coil? If you guessed Teressa, you guessed right! Please enjoy this complimentary year's worth of Turtle Wax and this huge bucket of Jello, which is the most solid thing I can eat as I'm on a liquid diet for for some ungodly reason. I hate Jello.

How it all went down:

Jesse, after picking up my prone ass from the floor for the third time in as many hours, snagged a blood pressure cuff from a friend. 80/50. Not good. Neither of us knew if it was hospital worthy, so I called the Ask A Nurse. The nurse strongly recommended to go to the ER - and more than a little horrified that I'd spent three days actively passing out before even considering medical help. So we pile my Ariel bag with hospital overnight needs and mince our way to the car.

The waiting room at the ER is packed. Standing room only. We didn't want another hospital, since this is the one with all my records and doctors. They know me and my case here. So, I told Jesse that we'll just go home and get a clear start in the morning. I did not want to wait six hours just to be seen.

After all, I told him, it's just low blood pressure. It's not like its life threatening, its just really annoying, I said. Against Jesse's wishes, we go home, I take my meds, and I go to bed. Seconds before falling asleep, I had the strangest feeling. I thought to myself, as unconsciousness drug me under, that this felt it was going to be the deepest sleep I'd ever had.

I would've been right.

The next part must make Fate giggle so damn hard, me having said it's not life threatening. Enjoy it while you can, you fucker, cuz I swear if I ever meet you, I will set you on fire and bury the ashes hundreds of feet down. It turns out blood pressure that low CAN be fatal. Turns out that had I gone into the ER the first time, I was straddling the life/death line close enough where I would have been whisked into treatment right away. Alright, lesson learned. Don't hesitate to go the ER. Whatever.

What comes next is Jesse saving my life.Literally, flesh and bone, brain activity still registering, heart continuing to beat inside of my ribs kind of saving my life )

Jesus, this turned into a novel. I realize I hadn't posted in 5 days. That was unusual and should have been a sign of Things On The Horizon. I do intend on writing back, Franklanguage.

So I'm planning another 7-10 day hospital stay, all the while pondering the shock and benefits that came of it. I'm on the medical side this time, so I can have my fill of net access. So yep, expect post whoring.


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