Jan. 12th, 2017

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Cassie said something really funny the other day about a guy she knows. She said "And that's a dude I COULD take home to mama, which means I need to stay away from him. Cracked me up. For all of her faults, she is still the funniest person I know. She has this wonderful mix of vulgarity and wit that is always somehow perfectly timed.

She's not a nerd, either, but has the ability to seamlessly move through nerd circles with ease. Same with...well, any scene. She's quick to learn social cues and quick to implement them. It's a trait that I admire, as I often get stuck in my labels.

I get confused and often don't know what "the rules" are for any given situation. Talking to people at a party has different rules than, say, at a doctor's office. Or being really new to a group of people and letting the Overshare off its leash to run completely amok. So I'll wind up saying or doing something accidental but wildly inappropriate.

Cassie does not and hasn't ever seemed to have that problem. That is a very good thing about her. She also curses more than me (and that's an achievement - I've got the mouth of a sailor on shore leave), to which I also find endearing and funny.

One thing I always found strange about cursing - or rather, the euphemisms people USE to curse. Things like "GOD bless America!" or "Dang it!". If you have this omnipotent creature that know what everything about you, knows everything you WILL do, from conception to well-after death, then wouldn't that same creature be aware of your intentions as well? And if the intentions are to angrily curse at something, it seems that covering that up with some sweet phrase is a form of denial - and useless, since God knows what you're really thinking.

Unless you have kids or often the elderly. I do my best to not curse around either of those two groups. Kids are too quick to pick up on the words and too slow to understand context. The elderly...well, that's just a sign of respect. They grew up in a time where flashing your knees was enough to condemn and ostracize you as a whore. Having lived through that bullshit, I see no reason to further upset them by cursing around them.

I used to use the word "retarded" a lot to describe things I was frustrated with. Jesse's exwife has a special needs kid and was less than happy with my usage of the words. At some point, he asked me to find another word. My first instinct was to push against this - after all, it's just a word, right, and the LITERAL definition to be slower. I was defensive and quick to defend my word choice.

And I caught myself midway through my first sentence shutting up about the whole thing. I thought to myself "This is a really dumb argument you're about to get into." What does it matter to me if I start using another word? It's one word out of trillions that I could use. Is this really worth fighting over? Is this really worth alienating Jesse AND be an asshole?

Pick your battles - and in this case, I decided Jesse was right and I had no business to continue to act like an asshole about it. If I'm spitting mad, the word occasionally does slip out, but overall, I've been able change the habit of using the word "retarded."

Argh. I can't tell if I'm nauseas or hungry. I know I'm thirsty - I've already obliterated a 32 ounce bottle of water. I guess I'll make some French toast. If it does turn out to be nausea, it'll at least give me something TO throw up.


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