Jan. 10th, 2017

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What a morning.

I woke up, took three steps, and dropped to my knees. Why did I drop to my knees? Because I passed out. Vision darkening, center of gravity dissolving, panting, passed out. I'd spent all day in bed yesterday, eating very little, so I figured if I could get some food in me, I'd be okay.

I crawled to the bathroom, crawled to the kitchen, stood up and attempted some instant oatmeal. I got as far as putting hot water in it before I fell down again. Fuck it, I thought, I'll just eat it on the kitchen floor. Reaching up to the counter to grab it, even though I was sitting down, still made me see stars.

I then crawled to the couch to lay down and see if the food would help. It did, but I realized I needed MORE food to stabilize. So I crawled BACK into the kitchen, sat down in front of the fridge, and ate some cold rice. That has helped some more. So, soon, hopefully I can walk to kitchen and heat the rice up in the microwave (which requires standing and/or stretching high, which equals passing out.)

No nausea, though. The passing out thing is scary but nausea is so much worse. That tells you the state of my body, which is also scary. I had wanted to do some grocery shopping today, but I don't trust my body not to pass out going 70 mph on a soon to be quite populated highway.

I used to almost enjoy playing the game of chicken with my body. To stretch the physical and mental stress to see which gives out first - me or my body. Now I know without fail which would fall first (my body), and this disease has me realize that without a functioning body, it's really, really hard to have a functioning mind.

I just hope the dizziness doesn't stick around all day. Grocery shopping DOES have to be done and Jesse often can't do it by himself. I can help him if I go, so long as getting the door doesn't involve me winding up on the floor.


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