Jan. 5th, 2017

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Michael, years ago you wrote a post saying that the reason you hated winter wasn't the cold. It was because winter is so goddamn inconvenient. There's so much work to bundling up all of the necessary layers and then having to UNbundle every time you walk back into your front door. It's that you have to spend 10 minutes scraping ice off your car instead of just getting in and driving. It's that driving takes more time due to increment weather.

I think snow and even ice can be beautiful. I kinda love it, even - IF I don't have to go out in it. If I have to go out, suddenly winter really does become the most inconvenient in the world.

Yesterday I wondered why we HAVE seasons. Like, how did the planet evolve in such a manner that we have four very distinctive weather patterns? WHY did it develop that? Are seasons a relatively "new" thing? (As in, did dinosaurs have to deal with four seasons?) What is gained from progressing in the cyclical manner that our weather patterns do? I mean, it's not like the planet has lupus. It doesn't need to "rest" in between seasons, thus giving us winter.

Silly questions that I will Google here shortly.

And Oleg - you're right. Trying to get OUT of a psych ward can be hella hard. I had to resort to basic "be bitchy and pester" mode just to get the nurses to page the damn doctor. The argument over my release went something like this:

ME: (cheerful and calm at this point) I'd like to leave. I understand that this is AMA'ing (Against Medical Advice) but I'm more than happy to sign any waivers or forms that you have.

* (If you're AMA'ing,you have to sign a form that says you will not sue the hospital if something bad happens after your release.)

NURSE: We can't do that. You can only be released when we decide you are safe enough and only the doctor can decide that.

ME: You have nothing to hold me here. You have no legal bindings keeping me in this building, on this floor, or in this hospital. You do not have the legal power to detain me.

NURSE: (pauses) I'm not going to speak to that point. You have to wait for your doctor. We cannot let you out.

ME: (at this point, I am severely agitated and begin to get bitchy) The doctor ALSO has no legal right to detain me unless he petitions the courts to commit me involuntarily. He has not petitioned the courts, therefore, I should be able to just fucking leave.

NURSE: We can't do anything for you. You have to stay.

The conversation went around a few circles, all pretty much a repeat of what was said above. At the end of it, I wandered off, cursing and mumbling under my breath the whole way.

I get why wards do not want people just checking in and then right out. It is their missive to protect their patients, especially from themselves. But patients have rights, too, and the ability to determine IF they want treatment at that time and place should be theirs.

Eventually, the doctor was paged. It took a few hours, but I understand doctors are very busy. He and the social worker on my case called for a family support check. They wanted to talk to someone close to me to make sure I wasn't going to fly off the edge and grab a high powered rifle and just start picking off random pedestrians (or myself) from a bell tower.

I get the logic behind this. It's always good to have a second opinion, especially from someone who knows the sick party. But at that moment it just meant one more thing between me and walking out those damn doors.

But Jesse came up and reassured them that I have no secret intentions on becoming a murderous sniper. It was finally, finally decided that I could go home. I could not believe the amount of work it took to just get passed a single locked door. The whole thing was so exhausting in and of itself that I crashed for a nap immediately after getting home.

What a mess that was.
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Our heater broke so we've resorted to the old "turn on the oven and open it just a crack" trick. I can now see why in the olden days (before central heating and cooling) having an oven was a MUST in a home.

As Jesse's Cpap picks up smells and funnels it right through the tubing into his face, I smoke outside when he is asleep. While he is a smoker, the Cpap somehow condenses the smell and makes it stronger - too strong to sleep. The temperatures are registering in the negatives right now. He's lucky I understand how important sleep is, because me and -4 degrees DO NOT get along.

And I'd forgotten about the planetary tilt, Bart! That even when facing the sun, some parts will get more or less heat from the sun because it's not an even, face-on exposure. Also, when were you in Ecuador? That sounds fascinating!

Also, for the random: I hate smoldering cigarettes. I'm a smoker, a heavy smoker at that, but when people don't fully stub out their cigarette it drives me up the wall. Like, do you know just how bad ashtray fires smell?

Or people who toss their cigarettes on the ground right next to the designated ashtray. I cannot stand that level of careless laziness. DUDE, STOP MAKING US SMOKERS LOOK BAD. There's enough stigma around being a smoker as is. We don't need some lazy asshole making it worse for the rest of us.

It's sad - you can go to a bar and see some idiot drink himself nearly incapacitated and then climb into a car and kill someone. But it's the person who just wants a cigarette with their beer that gets the most ire.

I don't know about you, but I'd MUCH prefer someone whose had 6 cigarettes get behind the wheel than someone whose had six shots and gets behind the wheel.

Yes, I get that cigarette smoke is smelly. But I've yet to hear even ONE case of some dude beating his wife because he smokes a lot or someone shooting some poor gas station clerk for a pack of cigarettes. (Maybe for money AND cigarettes, but never cigarettes alone.)

I try to be polite. I smoke well past the 10 feet from any door that businesses require. If there's a child or an elderly person on oxygen, I move and smoke somewhere far from them. If someone politely asks me to move, for whatever reason, I'm more than happy to. Sometimes they are not polite, or are compelled to give the "smoking is bad" speech. This annoys me and I will not move. But overall, there's no reason to be a dick with your smoking, therefore, there's no reason to be a dick about someone else's smoking.

Well, I was going to do some dishes and maybe even some laundry this morning, but body says "No." *sigh* Somedays it seems like that's the only word my body knows.


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