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* Matrixman, DUDE, that is EXACTLY what I'm going to have written in my obituary! I was so excited when I read that, I squealed, turned to Jesse, and read it aloud to him. You wrote "[She] played a hundred different board and society games with the Grim Reaper, such as Battleship, chess and Twister, but unfortunately, Death cheated in the last game 'cause he was tired of losing". THAT'S IT, THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO HAVE WRITTEN TO IMMORTALIZE ME! Thank you for the wonderful wit of that statement!

* There are things Midwesterner's do that baffle me. They sometimes forget their coats in below freezing weather and don't keep ice trays in the freezer. I suppose they are used to the cold, both outside and in. I'm from the motherfuckin' desert. I've lived in the Midwest for going on 15 years now, but have never quite acclimated to the cold. I NEVER forget my coat and ALWAYS have at least two ice trays in the freezer.

* Is it different in the UK? Ecosystems, I mean. Europe is a smaller area compared to America, where you could travel from the desert to temperate forest lands to outright tropical areas in one day. (On a plane, at least.) I asked Google if Europe has deserts and it informs me that Spain has a kinda-sorta desert.

* I had avocado toast for the first time ever yesterday. HOLY SHIT, I SEE WHY THE INTERNET IS SO OBSESSED WITH THEM. It was delicious. Like, manna-from-the-Gods delicious. I now want avocado toast ALL THE TIME. Everyday. Ten times a day. SO DELICIOUS.

Date: 2017-12-31 03:24 pm (UTC)
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The UK largely has a north south climate divide- winters in the north are a deal colder and summers a deal warmer in the south.

We sit some where in the middle (duh! That's why they call it the midlands) so we get a bit of a mix!

We're also now small town country dwellers where we were city dwellers before. So much woodland!


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