Feb. 15th, 2017

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I slept 10 hours straight last night. A miracle. I'd hope it to be a sign of Things To Come (like, a real sleep schedule), but hope is a fragile thing. I dare not place too much weight on its shoulders.

Mentally, I am awake, aware, and present. Emotionally, the depression that threatened to swallow me yesterday is gone. Physically? Quicksand. Body wants more sleep. MOAR SLEEP.

Here's the quandary: Do I go back to bed, resulting in a possibly even more groggy Teressa upon awakening? Do I just push through it, admonishing my body for its tiredness, as we TOTALLY ACTUALLY DID get enough sleep, at least by science's standards?

I never quite know which is the right answer - and choosing wrong can have disastrous results that can last for days. They tell me that as I go on, I'll become more intuitive about these things. That I'll be more able to tell which one will fuck me up more, even before I act on either.

I'm just not a very intuitive person.


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