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I slept 10 hours straight last night. A miracle. I'd hope it to be a sign of Things To Come (like, a real sleep schedule), but hope is a fragile thing. I dare not place too much weight on its shoulders.

Mentally, I am awake, aware, and present. Emotionally, the depression that threatened to swallow me yesterday is gone. Physically? Quicksand. Body wants more sleep. MOAR SLEEP.

Here's the quandary: Do I go back to bed, resulting in a possibly even more groggy Teressa upon awakening? Do I just push through it, admonishing my body for its tiredness, as we TOTALLY ACTUALLY DID get enough sleep, at least by science's standards?

I never quite know which is the right answer - and choosing wrong can have disastrous results that can last for days. They tell me that as I go on, I'll become more intuitive about these things. That I'll be more able to tell which one will fuck me up more, even before I act on either.

I'm just not a very intuitive person.

I'd stay awake IF and only IF

Date: 2017-02-15 03:02 pm (UTC)
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- you don't have to drive today. You still have learn your new boundaries and there are some sleeps that drain more than recharge. you don't want to risk tired driving though - like I do every damn morning.


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