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I poked around FB last night and thought about making a return to it. There's some really funny and uplifting stuff there. There's also a lot of political stuff, of which I've been desperately trying to avoid. The spikes in my blood pressure is not worth it. I'm not as interested, at least at this point, into getting into the debates and arguments over moral issues that I once did. That eats up a ton of energy.

I DID want to write something pithy about lupus, but couldn't think of anything pithy or witty to say about it.

As pervasive as the topic of lupus has become for me, I don't want to flood my timeline with endless memes and blather about the subject. That's what Livejournal is for. But I'm fairly consumed by the disease, so I worry I'd wear out the cause for my friends.

Your guy's explanations for why the mid-30's is a bit of a breaking point made A LOT of sense. Biology combined with a less than diligent lifestyle (PERFECT way of wording it, Cinema) and BAM - you've got yourself a recipe for a sick person. The way our bodies are programmed for birthing purposes and then to wither away like a dying vine. That sort of thing. It all made A LOT of sense.

Not much to write in this one horse town. At least as early as 6:30 AM, when I woke up ridiculously early at 3:45 AM. Back to bed. It's no matter if I get my nap in at 7 AM or 2 PM, so long as that extra sleep gets in there somewhere.

Speaking of recipe!

Date: 2017-02-02 01:34 pm (UTC)
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Don't forget I need ingredients to make you a cookbook.

My Facebook is getting out of hand, even after yesterday morning when a ton of friends declared they were going to stop posting political posts because "we're just being an echo chamber" - the flood was still out of hand.


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